V. PAUL DEARE, PRESIDENT\COO: has examined, fought for and taught  public policy around the economic influence of globalization; capital mobility; escalation of economic inequality;  America’s domestic fiscal insecurity; racial/gender bias; and community investment in the context of an emerging global economy for more than 40 years. Specializing in multi-disciplinary teaching and management of actionable, civic engagement and stakeholder empowerment; Paul as worked at all levels from grass-roots to civic leadership on issues, processes and policies of social equity, neighborhood development and economic revitalization in Massachusetts, New York, California, the Caribbean and China.  Paul Deare has worked both as and - with funders, executives, board members and stakeholders on sustainable affordable housing, transit oriented development and the general health and well-being of communities and constituents in the United States and around the world.
Paula Robinson

PAULA ROBINSON DEARE, WRITER, SPEAKER, COACH: brings communications technical knowledge, assistance and training from the print, radio and television industries to all ages underserved by the print, broadcast and web industries.  Prior to entering Public Relations with Fox Broadcasting in 1993, Paula served as a newspaper graphic designer, magazine columnist, radio talk show host and producer\host for cable TV in metropolitan Boston, MA, USA.  Active nationally in the communications industry, Paula is a regular speaker on media empowerment, receiving proclamations from the City of Boston and Massachusetts House of Representatives, as well as recognition awards from the National Science Foundation and Massachusetts Teachers Association.  A member of MIT Community Fellows, Robinson holds their Excellence in Media and Technology award given by the MIT Department of Urban Studies & Planning.  Paula established Eworkstyle Institute in 1995, and currently provides it's leadership. Visit Paula's Public Relations blog Public Relations with Paula Robinson, webcast TV series Networking for the Future and webcast radio series The In-Unison Show

SHIRLEY ROSA, CFO: began her career in 1994 by specializing in customer services. After working in both child care and hotel resort industries Shirley developed her natural talent and interest in resolving client\customer issues into solving company profit margins. Over the years, Rosa moved into and mastered the Hilton Chain’s 5 diamond ratings by learning to effectively coach multiple groups and support flexible growth to bring innovation and demonstrate initiative through major renovations and industry dynamics.  Shirley achieved so many Hilton resort operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews; preparing and completing action plans; implementing production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving problems; identifying trends; and determining system improvements to implement change – that she is now on-demand with hotels that want to bring their resort to five-diamond status.


STEVEN LEE, IT MANAGER: Began specializing in microcomputer electronics engineering and server software applications in 1996.  Over the years, Steven has gone from effectively testing, soldering, reworking and troubleshooting multiple electronic assemblies to supporting flexible IT development, bringing innovation and demonstrating initiative in a variety of server configuration and management situations. Steven has completed technology action plans; implemented factory, lab and office production solutions and set up safety and inspection standards that determine system improvements and implement change. Steven has specific soft skill strengths in strategic technology planning, coordination, leadership, communication and development of quality assurance and compliance. His hard skills include a diverse series of world class server management programs that bring solutions to web applications, organizational operations and information management- toward training and development, site connectivity, learning software implementation and management of  community, corporate and collegiate collaboration meetings from 2 to 100+ people.

CURTISS EDWARD, RADIO STATION MANAGER: With a background in music production and engineering, Curtiss has written, arranged, co-produced and promoted 9 alternative hip-hop albums with three record labels that have included success with signed records and releases in California.  Nominated for numerous awards, Curtiss has experience as promoter and expertise in DJ equipment, 24 track mixing boards, DATS, ADATS, Reel to Reel and other studio music equipment.  Looking to expand his skills into industry standard digital photography and editing; video production, exterior lighting, remote sound, and internet technologies, Curtiss returned to Massachusetts to study at Emerson College.  While growing his skills to meet internet media production demands Curtiss has mastered Adobe Creative Suite graphic design, video editing, and web development applications including specializing in web audio and video production.